Tuesday , March 28 2023

Public Entity Saba purchases multifunctional crane

The Public Entity Saba has purchased a crane for multi-purpose use on the island. The most important function of the crane is to lift boats and other materials from the harbor basin at Fort Bay harbor during major storms or hurricane threats. On Saba, no other facilities are in place at the harbor to keep boats and equipment safe during extreme weather conditions. Therefore, boats and equipment have to be taken on land and stored at a more secure location.

The only crane available on the island had recently been in an accident at Well’s Bay and is currently no longer functional. As the hurricane season had already started, there was a great urgency to find a solution. Commissioner of Harbour Affairs, Bruce Zagers, saw the extreme need for a crane to aid the boat owners and immediately reached out to the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment for a solution. Thanks for the quick response and support of the Ministry of I&M, the Public Entity was able to purchase a crane suitable for the island’s conditions within a month after the old crane broke down. A quick solution was needed to help with the considerable size boat fleet on Saba which belongs primarily to fishermen and dive shops, all of who contribute significantly to the economy of the island.

In the USA a 2005 Rough Terrane Crane, Terex type RT335-1, was found and ultimately purchased. This 35-ton crane can lift almost all boats at Fort Bay harbor and has more than enough power to drive up the Fort Bay Road. The crane has three steering modes which enable it to maneuver through narrow roads and sharp turns. Despite some superficial corrosion, the crane is in excellent condition, and once on Saba, ready to use when weather conditions get rough.

The crane is expected to arrive within the next two weeks. Funding to purchase the crane came from the Harbor Project funding which will be used to create a harbor master plan and execute several quick win projects which are now in discussion with the Ministry of I&M.


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