Tuesday , January 31 2023

10 projects on Saba will receive ‘Opportunities for all children CN’ subsidy

All children should be able to participate in sports, culture, during their leisure time and at school, also when there is not much money at home for extras. Organisations such as child day care centers, schools, sports clubs and scouting groups have drawn up plans in order to provide this. Thirty eight (38) of them have been approved. Thus this year’s the entire subsidy amount of 1 million euros for “Opportunities for all children CN” has been used up.

Ten (10) projects on Saba have been approved, among others to improve children’s participation at school and to provide them after-school care and homework support. For example, 26 children from the target group can become Junior Sea Scouts because the monthly membership will be reimbursed. Additionally, various activities will be organised in nature. Children on Saba with special needs can start using modern technology and specialized equipment so they can participate just like children with specials needs whose parents do make enough money.

A total of 8 projects on St. Eustatius were approved. These projects are aimed at entitling children from the target group to sports equipment, school breakfast and an allowance for the mandatory own contribution to participate in a sports tournament abroad. Another project will be providing tablets to these children so they can use modern technology when doing homework. Subsidy has also been granted for the provision of various after-school activities for children, focusing on nature, culture, environmental protection and the marine park.

Twenty (20) projects which have been approved on Bonaire, will give children from the target group the opportunity to participate in various activities, including: dance, physical activity, handicrafts, music, drama and presentations. Courses and workshops in the area of photography, documentaries, animated videos and music videos will also be provided. Giving extra impetus to the language development of children, child coaching and the provision of healthy meals are also part of the approved projects.

A total of 79 projects were submitted by various organisations, of which 38 projects have been approved. Fourteen (14) projects were rejected because the subsidy limit was reached. The other 27 projects were rejected on content-related grounds. The entire budget of 1 million euros for the Caribbean Netherlands has been granted. State Secretary Jetta Klijnsma greatly admires the organisations which were able to draw up and submit very good and important plans in a short period of time. “I am very confident that the extra money will help many children to participate because every child deserves to enjoy going to school with good supplies and to spend their leisure time in their own way.


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  1. Dimetri Whitfield

    It would be nice to know what “content-related grounds” means exactly. Most likely it means that those projects had goals and objectives that were not a priority of the ministries. It would be useful to know what those are.