Wednesday , February 1 2023

100% Passing rate for the SCS once again

The students of the Saba Comprehensive School registered an exceptional performance at their May-June 2017 CSEC and Dutch Cambridge examination as the school procured a 100% pass rate once again. The Saba Comprehensive School offers the Academic and Vocational stream and is the only school for secondary and vocational education on Saba.

There are four graduates in the vocational stream, all four candidates passed their exam for Technical Maintenance Assistant.
For the academic stream there are six graduates, of which two students will graduate with 10 subjects + Dutch Cambridge, 2 students with 11 subjects + Dutch Cambridge.

Additionally, a few students who passed the MBO Level 2 Exam last year, also wrote some CSEC subjects in the academic year 2015-2016 and some more in 2016-2017. One of these students also qualifies for an Academic Diploma with a total of 7 CSEC Certificates. He also passed the Dutch Cambridge Exams. This makes him the first SCS student to leave the school with two diplomas.

Further, a student who was not able to receive his school diploma several years ago as he did not meet the graduation criteria at that time, enrolled in the SCS again and was able to secure the other passes to obtain the School Diploma!

The SCS wishes to congratulate all students on their success. When this year’s Graduation Ceremony will be held is yet unknown.

Press release SCS.

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