Saturday , February 4 2023

Tax Office thanks taxpayers for filing income tax returns

August 15 was the final date for filing income-tax returns in the Caribbean Netherlands (CN). The majority of the persons who are liable to pay tax did this on time. The Tax Office CN thanked all these persons for doing so, especially those who filed their tax re­turn online.

This year, for the sec­ond time, it was possible to file tax returns online. “The ‘Tax Office express additional thanks to the persons who filed their tax return online because they helped us to increase our experience with digital services. We were also able to surprise people who filed their tax return online with faster lead times and refunds because the inter­nal processing time could be shortened thanks to the online tax returns,” the Tax Office said.

The ‘Tax Office has already completed a considerable part of the filed tax returns. This process is partly auto­mated but for a large part still manual work. The complexity of a tax return plays a role in the dura­tion of the processing. The more complicated the tax return is, the more time it may take to process. As a result, it may be possible that a partner or neigh­bour, for instance, receives notification earlier, while they filed their tax return at a later date.

Everyone who filed their tax return by May 15 at the latest will receive no­tification from the Tax Of­fice before October 1. This could be in the form of a (request) letter, contact by telephone, or in the form of a tax assessment.

The Tax Office thanks the population of Bonaire. St. Eustatius and Saba for their positive reactions to the online tax-return ser­vice and the processing which was subsequently ex­pedited. “This motivates us to continue to improve and speed up our services. The Tax Office is already work­ing on further expansion of the online services in 2018,” it was stated.

The Daily Herald.

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