Sunday , October 1 2023

Statia police escort two prisoners by boat

Members of the St. Eustatius Korps Police Caribbean Netherlands (KPCN) left St. Eustatius to Saba, on Saturday, August 26, around 4:00am to trans­fer two prisoners to Statia, where they were later flown to Bonaire.

Senior officer Robelto Hodge told The Daily Herald that the prisoners were transferred from Saba to St. Eustatius via boat and then went onward to Bonaire. An aircraft to transport the prisoners to Bonaire could not land at the airport in Saba, hence the decision to transport the pris­oners by boat to St. Eustatius, where they were later flown to their final destination.

He said the St. Eustatius KPCN received instructions to travel to Saba to transfer the inmates. Around 9:00am on Saturday, the two prisoners were transported by charter flight to Bonaire.

One of the prisoners was a female with initials G.G. and the other was a male with initials C.I. Due to the genders of the inmates, the escorting team included female and male officers. The prisoners were taken to the Jurisdic­tion Institution of the Dutch Caribbean.

The Daily Herald.

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