Friday , December 2 2022

SLP fraction Members Levenston & Wilson: Saba’s lack of dental care a serious concern (updated)

Commissioner of Health, Mr. Rolando Wilson, in a rebuttal to statements made earlier today by SLP fraction members Mr. Ishmael Levenstone and Ms. Monique Wilson, clarified that during the Central Committee meeting on August 21st an update was provided regarding news of the departure of the local dentist. Commissioner Wilson reported that a letter was sent to ZVK on August 18th by the Executive Council of Saba, requesting urgent assistance with securing a new dentist for the island. Reasons for the dentist’s decision not to return to the island are unknown, however, Commissioner Wilson asserts that the primary focus has been on finding a new dentist for the island.

Commissioner Wilson, who is currently in The Netherlands with his counterpart Commissioner Bruce Zagers, has also used the opportunity of this trip to speak with the Director General at the Ministry of Health on the urgency of being able to provide the island with dental services, both for the short-term as well as the long-term.

The Commissioner remains positive that with assistance from the Ministry of Health and ZVK a solution will be found.



During the Central Committee Meeting the disappointing news regarding the lack of dental care services being offered on the island of Saba was tabled.
The unclarity regarding the reasoning for this dilemma is alarming. The simple fact that the population of Saba does not have a clear answer for receiving dental care is inexcusable. The community of Saba is entitled to receive a basic service, which should be available. Recipients of the service should not have to wait on bureaucratic polices and procedures, if this was the case in this situation.

Saba Labour Party Island Council Members Ishmael Levenston and Monique Wilson demand for the Executive Council to contact the appropriate departments for a clear understanding of what has occurred. A specific short and long-term plan has to be in place so that continuity of care can occur. SLP is expecting to receive an update upon the Executive Council members return from the Netherlands.

Island Council members Ishmael Levenston and Monique Wilson

SLP press release.


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