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SLP Member Monique Wilson stresses for empowerment of the local market

Saba Labour Party member Monique Wilson questions the Executive Council about the Island Government of Saba’s plan to empower the local youth market.
Island Council Member Monique Wilson on August 21, 2017 during the Central Committee Meeting inquired about the Island Governments proposal to strengthen the local, young adult workforce on the island. Local students should be leaving the school compound with a plan to further enhance and develop the expertise on the island or becoming an entrepreneur if they choose to remain on island. Saba is continuing to experience a dilemma whereby the talents and abilities of the local market are not being effectively utilized on the island.

“Far to often young adults are completing their high school education and not being fully able to contribute to the local market” says Island Council Member Wilson. Saba may be small but produces qualified individuals that have goals to re-contribute their knowledge and talent into the local market.
As a local government it is our responsibility to ensure that we explore and strengthen our own local market to ensure that we maximize on our own talent. Island Council Member Wilson urges for the local government to be proactively involved with the local high school to explore and promote high demand occupations on island and ensure that the young adults are given the proper tools to enter the field.

Wilson was pleased to receive the update about the plans of the local government to explore the areas of need for the local market and the research which was being completed about such. In addition, to alleviate the brain-drain issues and a long-time plea of Wilson is for there to be equality in the incentives and packages for students /professions who choose to further their education and return back home.
Far too many local Saban students are qualified to uphold positions on the island however, based on the feedback from numerous students and professions abroad, the vacancy and incentive options are hindering their return to Saba.

Despite the challenges faced with residing on a small 5sq. mile island the SLP fraction is stressing for the Island Government to collectively continue to build up the foundation and explore all possibilities for the local talent to pursue key fields on the island. All options should be explored and no limits such as language barrier should deter the planning for a stronger local market.

SLP press release.

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