Saturday , June 3 2023

Delivery of goods from SXM to Saba

Message from ICS

Hurricane Irma has left a path of destruction in St. Maarten and has not spared the harbor. However, we received some encouraging news that the Caribtrans containers that are currently in St. Maarten, are safe!

That means our shipment is safe!

Caribtrans St. Maarten is currently in the process of making an inventory, however, not all personnel is back to work in St. Maarten as yet so we are expecting a delay. We are confident that we will have an update soon.

The plan is to ship cargo to Saba a.s.a.p. – the harbor here is in good condition and the Mutty Pride and the Orion are ready to do business.
We are awaiting word from our agent in St. Maarten regarding the Air ICS shipments, we will update our customers as soon as we receive an update from our partners.


PCN visit of September is cancelled
Info provided by the Dutch Government concerning Irma

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  1. Any news on mutty’s pride?
    Is she ok? And ready to sail sxm-saba?