Sunday , October 1 2023

How to read The Daily Herald online – Temporary service by The Daily Herald

The people on Saba had not received The Daily Herald since it was first published after the passage of Hurricane Irma on Friday, September 22, due to flight complications.

The Daily Herald has been so kind as to offer temporary PDF files on their website so that we can freely access to read the entire paper.

Open the Daily Herald website by clicking the “News” tab on this site, Then select The “Daily Herald ” link in the “News in English” section.




On the Daily Herald site, click under the “Archive” tab, the link “PDF Archive“. See image above.

You now see the full archive of the pdf versions of the Daily Herald from 2006 till now. Click “2017“.

Subsequently you see the list of months from “01 jan 2017” – “09 sep 2017“. For the latest editions of the Daily Herald, click “09 sep 2017“.

The website then provides you with a list of all the publications from The Daily Herald in September 2017. Click the version you are interested in. This will be downloaded to your machine.



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