Saturday , June 3 2023

Executive Council of Saba gives post-hurricane update

The Executive Council is very pleased with the way that the businesses and residents have come together to rebuild Saba after a second category-five Hurricane passed its shores two weeks ago.

“We were fortunate that the majority of the island sustained minimal dam­age from Hurricane Maria, but Fort Bay harbour was severely affected,” the Ex­ecutive Council stated in an information bulletin which was issued by Government Information Services on Tuesday.
While much has already been accomplished in a short time-frame, the Council reminds Sabans that some things will take time. “Patience and per­severance are needed to sustain our momentum,” it was stated.

A shipment of building material is being unloaded at Fort Bay

The public entity informed that Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport is undamaged and open for traffic. Windward Islands Airways Inter­national Winair issued a statement Tuesday that the airline aims to start com­mercial service to Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Barths, St. Kitts and possibly other destinations.
Until a flight schedule is in place, passengers can travel via a charter flight with Winair. Arrangements for such flights can be made via Claudio Buncamper at cbuncamper@fly-Winair. corn .

Several contractors and the Department of Public Works have worked hard to take measures to restore access and safety in the har­bour area, and a survey was carried out.
The first damage repairs of the harbour itself will take place within the up­coming days. The com­plete reparation of the har­bour area will take several months, or maybe up to a year before completion, the Executive Council said. The big pier is operable and open for commercial business.

Most roads on Saba are accessible, including Well’s Bay Road, which was closed for some time. The road is now cleared. However, Government advises users of this road to exercise ex­treme caution when going down Well’s Bay Road.

The Executive Council thanks the business com­munity for their coopera­tion and actions to help restore Saba’s economy. The Executive Council has created a platform for businesses to communicate and work together.

The Executive Council is currently in talks with the National Government for some measures such as tax alleviation and the cre­ation of new transport pos­sibilities. “The aim is to re­start the economy as soon as possible,” the Executive Council said.

The first tourist visitor since the passing of Irma and Maria arrived on Saba on Thursday, Septem­ber 28. He travelled from the United Kingdom to St. Kitts, where he took a powerboat to Saba. He plans to remain on the is­land for two weeks.
“His visit is a sign of hope for the hotels and other businesses in the tourism industry, who continue to work in close cooperation with the Island Govern­ment to strategize methods for saving the high season,” the Executive Council said. Contacts have been made with the Tourism Corpora­tion Bonaire to discuss pos­sibilities for a strong con­nection. Travel packages with Bonaire and Saba have also been reviewed and will be pursued further as travel logistics are finalized.

The sanitary landfill is ful­ly operational and activities have resumed. Sabans are reminded that waste still needs to be separated. “It is important that the com­munity returns to its recy­cling routine,” the Execu­tive Council said. Residents without bins are urged to separate their garbage into plastic bags.

The first order of building supplies has arrived on the island. The aim is to start working on the homes with the most damage first, it was stated.

Humanitarian drinking water has been distributed on Saba Since September 11. Since shops have now restocked, this water bank is now closed.

All residents are asked to clean around their houses to prevent the mosquito population from growing. The Vector Control Team is also working on this issue. Several garbage bins were not properly secured during the Hurricanes and Public Works are retrieving these. The public is asked to retrieve their garbage bins when possible. New bins will be distributed af­ter hurricane season. Until then, residents are urged to use the nearest bin avail­able.

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