Wednesday , October 4 2023

“Beachcomber II” to Saba for dredging

Motor vessel Beachcomber II has gotten off Boardwalk Boule­vard after lounging there for more than a month and is off to do some important work in Saba.

“Beachcomber II” heads back into the water after a month beached on Boardwalk Boulevard. Photo courtesy Kevin Kraan.

The boat was shoved onto land by the power waves of monster Hurricane Irma that battered the country on September 6. The waves tore the boat from her anchor and beached her between Captain Hodge Wharf and Cyrus Wathey Square. She was left right next to a “tow away zone” sign by the receding waves, giving residents and visitors a little something to chuckle about amidst the devastation wrought by Irma. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure (Rijkswaterstaat) and Dutch company Koole Mammoet rolled Beachcomber II into sea with a self-created slipway on Monday morning. Represen­tatives of the two entities and a number of residents had been vere busy securing the ship for days prior.

In return for putting the ves­sel back into the water, own­er Robert “Bobby” Velasquez of Bobby’s Marina has made her available to Koole Mammoet for dredging the Port of Saba and bringing in goods to that island.

The Daily Herald.

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