Friday , March 1 2024

Saba is ready to welcome guests again

For about a month Saba has been almost inaccessible. Although our airport is functioning and did not sustain much damage from lrma nor Maria, our dependency on St Maarten as hub (for almost everything) made accessibility an issue. Saba Government was therefore very pleased to be in contact with St Maarten’s Directer of Tourism, Mr. Rolando Brison.

He was able to share the following positive message: “The islands surrounding St Maarten’s airport make up 50% or more of the traffic that comes through. So our airport’s success is largely attributed to all the islands surrounding us, including Saba. We also have to think of it not just from a tourism perspective, but from a people and human perspective, with the fact that Sabans want to be able to connect to the world and they use St Maarten’s airport as their hub. So we are very proud to be able to get up and running. As a matter of fact, yesterday morning we welcomed the first flights out of Saba and Statia and Winair was awarded a plaque for this. The Prime Minister was there to personally welcome all of those passengers because we really appreciate and wanted to symbolize the importance of passengers out of Saba ancl Statia, their contribution to St Maarten and how we can work together with them. So it is an important time for St Maarten, the reopening of the airport, but it is equally important for all of our neighboring islands as well.”

Our eyes have been towards St Maarten in full support. As not only our sister island, but also our main hub, the fast recovery of St Maarten is in the best interest of our entire region. While Saba has been exploring other options for connectivity such as the ferry the Edge toSt Kilts, we will always have close ties to St Maarten and we are therefore very pleased to near that the airport would be reopening.

Commissioner of Tourism Bruce Zagers stated that he was elated a bout the news of the airport reopening and that Winair has started with three daily flights to Saba. “This is not only great news for Saba but even more so for St Maarten. We are proud to see now far the island has come in such a
short time and we are confident that St Maarten’s continued recovery is on the right track.”

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