Sunday , October 1 2023

Saba: Support from local government

In a recently held public Central Committee meeting, the Executive Council gave a detailed account of what has been done and ongoing before during and after the hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Maria. One of those things being, helping residents with the rebuilding of their damaged homes.

The Public Entity Saba is aware that not all homeowners have insurance and are not capable of funding repairs to their homes on their own. Therefore it was decided that support will be available. Preparation is already in progress to start reconstruction, beginning with the most severe cases as soon as possible. The Public Entity Saba will assist with the finding of a local contractor and contractor fees, and provide the necessary building material. Once the work starts, a supervisor will be assigned to the project and make regular visits; this individual can give the contractor binding advice for the reconstruction.

We are well aware that some residents may not have lost their roof, but the storms may have caused dangerous living situations which may pose a safety risk. For this reason, The Public Entity Saba is encouraging all residents who have not already contacted the planning bureau or social affairs with information on their damaged homes to do as soon as possible; this ensures that everyone gets the assistance they need if eligible.

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