Monday , March 20 2023

Saba Wellness: join the free Healthy Lifestyle Program. Information evening Nov 1st.

A healthy lifestyle program will start for everyone on Saba, called Saba Wellness. It is run by Nicole Hassell, Sports Coach Coordinator, dr. Onno Lignac, Saba Health Care Foundation, dr. Koen Hulshof, Public Health and Suchita Peeters, Saba Initiative.

Saba Wellness Team: Dr Koen Hulshof, Suchita Peeters , Nicole Hassell en dr Onno Lignac

What made you get together to begin this program?

Nicole: Suchita and I met to discuss this idea and we were enthusiastic immediately. We are coaches and trainers and we saw the profound benefits of a program like this for Saba. Later dr Onno and dr Koen stepped in to add medical information from their background. Our mutual goal is to provide an easy, free program for people on Saba who want to feel fit, healthy and happy!

What is Saba Wellness about?

Suchita: the program touches three attractive ways to approach a healthy lifestyle: physical movement, tips for easy to make healthy food; and encouragement, support and motivation. We actually offer a taste of healthy food with ideas and hand out recipes in every session.

Dr Koen or Dr Onno are always available to answer any questions about medical conditions and a healthier lifestyle.

We strongly believe that our triple approach makes it easier for people to step into a healthier lifestyle because: together we can do it, step by step!

What kind of people will the Saba Wellness program attract?

Dr Onno: I believe our program will attract a very wide range of people. Some will have a general interest in their well being and/or the well being of others. Some people may have certain specific physical or mental health issues that they are looking to find answers for. Others may come just to do some exercise guided by a professional or taste some of the weekly delicious free smoothies. Finally people who were triggered by the previous ‘I love my body program‘ might be interested to be involved in this sequel.

Will you/the program have participants start dieting?

Dr Koen: No, our aim is to support and encourage a change toward healthy habits, even if they are small steps. First of all, most diets show some weight loss in the short term, but long term effects are generally not found. A ‘crash’ might generate weight loss, and your body will gain weight as soon as you stop with the crash diet…

A step by step move towards making different choices in lifestyle has a far better chance for success in the long run.

All in all, a diet is often hard very hard to continue, whereas a healthy lifestyle -and especially when you have the support and encouragement to do it together – can become normal, tasty and fun!

I hear people say that they would like to eat healthier, but that their partner or children won’t eat it. What can you say about that?

Dr Koen: We hear that too, and getting used to new flavors sometimes takes time. So our aim is to inspire and surprise the participants with a taste of healthy drinks and snacks that almost everybody loves. It will be fun!

And we’ll give out the tools to involve their families in changing unhealthy habits as well. Once participants and their family start feeling more energized, and seeing good effects overall,  it will become easier and easier to keep it up.

Where will Saba Wellness take place and when?

Nicole: we kick off with an Information Evening this Wednesday the 1st of November at 7 pm at the Eugenius Center in the Windwardside. There will be inspiring videos and we’ll speak about the benefits of the program and the encouragement and support that is so important to stay motivated.

Everybody is welcome!

Suchita: we begin the Saba Wellness program with the first session on Wednesday 8th at 5.15 pm with physical movement at the Saba Fit Park by Nicole, followed at the Library by Suchita about healthy food tips and tastes, encouragement, stress release and support. Dr Onno or dr Koen will always be available to answer any questions about the link between medical conditions and a healthier lifestyle.

Looking forward to seeing you there!



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