Thursday , February 2 2023

Reconstruction of damaged houses on Saba will start soon

Yesterday, Monday, November 6th, the Island Governor met on behalf of the Executive Council, with the homeowners and tenants of homes which sustained the most damage during hurricanes Irma and Maria. The meeting was aimed to inform them about the procedure for reconstruction.

This week, the planning bureau will have a meeting with all local contractors to explain the process. Local contractors will be asked to make a bid on the work that needs to be done. The bidding process will be kept as short as possible. The Public Entity will take insurance settlements into account. The aim is to have a contract between the Public Entity, contractor and homeowner in place by next week so that the work can start.

During this first round, reconstruction will focus on severely damaged houses which have a severely damaged roof and/or support walls. If enough funds are left, there will be a second and third round for smaller damages such as leaks, spouts, and windows. When repairing the roof, the aim is to have at least one room of the damaged house covered by a concrete roof.

The Public Entity will keep the public informed via press releases and Facebook.

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