Wednesday , March 22 2023

Shoreline repairs Fort Bay Harbor started

This week a start was made with the repairs of the shoreline at For Bay Harbor. Part of the coastline on the east side of the big harbor dam was heavily damaged during the passing of hurricane Maria. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has offered to assist with emergency repairs to ensure safety and accessibility of the harbor. Rijkswaterstaat has contracted Koole Mammoet to execute repairs at the first stretch of the shoreline adjacent to the harbor dam. The aim is to eliminate the most prominent threat of erosion and influx of rocks and sand into the harbor basin. These repair works are some of the last projects that will be executed on Saba as part of the emergency aid offered by the Dutch Government.

Koole Mammoet will repair the area by placing a layer of 5-tonne limestone rocks, which are brought in from Curacao. Koole Mammoet chose these stones for several reasons:

– The specific weight of the limestone rocks and their erosion resistance is significantly higher than that of our local volcanic rocks, where the specific weight is on average 175 pounds per cubic foot for limestone compared to 150 pounds per cubic foot for local rocks.

– The rocks have better interlock resistance than many other types of rocks found in the region, which will help create a more durable overall construction.

– Curacao provided the nearest source of rocks of sufficient weight and quality.

– This specific type of rock has already proven to be a resistant and robust resource for constructions in the sea: the pier of the cruise terminal in Curacao was built with the same type of rock.

Koole Mammoet is aiming to do as much work as possible before the preparations for Saba Day start. Any additional work needed will continue after Saba Day. The execution of the tasks has put some pressure on the harbor personnel and local boat owners, as a significant area of the harbor is currently unavailable for mooring.

Koole Mammoet and Rijkswaterstaat highly appreciate the current cooperation of harbor personnel and boat owners and will stay in consultation with all stakeholders involved for a smooth continuation of the process.


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