Saturday , December 2 2023

Saba’s library donates in aid of Philipsburg Jubilee Library


Philips­burg Jubilee Library has received a US $900 dona­tion from Saba’s Queen Wil­helmina Library.

Saba’s library organized a fundraising drive on Mon­day, October 23, to assist St. Maarten’s Library after the passing of Hurricanes Irma and Maria and damage to the Library’s structure.

Young Sabans at Queen Wilhelmina Library during Book Week 2017

The much-needed funds will be used for new mate­rials and activities for chil­dren’s programmes that will be hosted by the Library in the hope of continuing to encourage a reading commu­nity among St. Maarteners.

Philipsburg Jubilee Library said Tuesday it was “hon­oured” by and “highly ap­preciative” of the efforts its sister Library under leader­ship of Joanna Simmons, her staff, and the Saban commu­nity had made in their sup­port in this time of need.

“The heart-warming sup­port of the Saban library encourages us in our contin­ued commitment toward the community of St. Maarten,” Philipsburg Jubilee Library stated.

The Daily Herald.

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