Tuesday , November 28 2023

Bonaire police officers perform traffic check on Saba

On Thursday November 23rd , in the late afternoon, a group of 6 police officers from Bonaire who are giving support to their colleagues on Saba, carried out a traffic check on the Lambert Hassell Road.

During this check, 72 cars, 1 scooter and 2 motorcycles were checked. A total of 9 fines have been issued for various violations and a car of which the driver was unable to show a valid driving license, tax and insurance documents, has also been seized.

There was also a small amount of marijuana seized when a strong marijuana smell came from a car during the inspection of the car. One immediately went to further control of the car and the search of the two occupants. Both occupants had a small amount of marijuana in their possession. It cannot be ruled out that more of such inspections will take place. So all residents of Saba are advised to have their documents in order and to have them with them.


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