Monday , February 26 2024

14th Saba idol competition at Scouts Place had great finalists

On Friday 24th the finals of the14th annual Saba Idol Competition was held at Scout’s Place Hotel on Saba. Special sponsor and co-host this year was Dr. Soc from Radio 92 on St. Maarten. The three finalists consisted of the assistant professor of the Saba University school of medicine Emma Figures from the UK, Calvin Simmons from the Saba Fire Department and Jason Lindner, a medical student from the US. All three finalists had to perform two songs of their choice and add a special performance at their last show element.

The huge crowd at Scout’s Place was very excited when Emma came on stage to summon up her performance with the “eye of the tiger” adding four of her friends to the show, working out on stage and at the end lifted her on a mountain bike up and she finalist the song on top cycling two meters above ground.

The five judges from Germany, Friesland, Holland, Canada and the UK awarded her the most points and she won overwhelmingly and well deserved this year’s Saba Idol 2017 as the 14th Saba Idol ever.

First runner up with mostly Reggae and Shaggy performances became Calvin, who walked into the crowd exciting the audience with his lively acts. Jason came in as second runner up with a stunning performance of Bon Jovi’s “dead or alive”.

Dr. Soc was very excited about the show hosted by Barbara add Wolfgang Tooten from Scout’s Place and promised to come back for next year’s semi-finals and finals. Many local businesses and business partners of Scout’s Place from St. Maarten contributed to the prizes the finalists received. All in all it
was again one of the greatest shows Saba has to offer and the crowd was very pleased and excited about the evening and everybody had a great time.

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