Sunday , February 5 2023

Repairs started on damaged roofs

Following the storms, and after the damage assessments were in, the Public Entity Saba funded temporary housing for all residents with severely damaged homes and an agreement was made to repair homes for the residents. The next step was to order the material and for the reconstruction to begin. The Public Entity Saba made an order for the necessary supplies and the National Government sent a separate shipment of material as well. As most of the Caribbean was impacted by the storms, this delayed the shipments and meant that the material did not come for some time.

The Island Governor held a meeting with the affected homeowners to explain the rebuilding process, how it will be done (at least two rooms have concrete roofs) and when the work would commence. Insurance settlements were also taken into account. Homeowners that were covered by their insurance policies but the amount did not cover all repairs were also aided by the Public Entity Saba with the material. Following this meeting, contractors started visiting affected homes to bid on the work. Contracts were then signed between homeowners and the Public Entity.

The Public Entity Saba is happy to see that the repairs have started and it progressing smoothly. After this round, the less severe cases will be tackled. We will continue to update the community during the rebuilding phase.

GIS Saba

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