Wednesday , February 28 2024

Public Entity Saba signs contract for extension of water pipeline system

The Public Entity Saba has signed a contract with Saba Roads for extension of the water pipeline system from The Bottom to Windwardside. This is the second phase in the construction of a water transport system on Saba. The first part of the system, which leads from the reverse osmosis (RO) facilities in Fort Bay to The Bottom, was recently finalized.

The pipeline system is built with the help of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and with advice from Vitens Evides International. The aim with the transport system is to reduce trucking costs of RO water and to ensure a more continuous availability and supply of water on the island.

‘The Saban community deserves affordable water. By bringing the water closer to the villages and contracting one supplier, we avoid costs as much as possible’, says Commissioner of Infrastructure, Bruce Zagers. Last month a contract was signed with AquaSab N.V. for the supply of RO water. The supply is scheduled to start early next year.

The construction of the second part of the water transport system will start early next year and will be executed under the supervision of Mr. Robert Zagers of the Planning bureau.


In the photo: Left to Right: Saba Roads Project Manager Paul Djasmin, Managing Director of Saba Roads Janhendrik Boekaar, Commissioner of Infrastructure Bruce Zagers and Head of the Planning Bureau Robert Zagers.
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