Monday , February 26 2024

Airport runway renovation scheduled for September-October 2018

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W) and Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), together with the Public Entity Saba, are developing much-needed plans for the renovation of the airport runway. The tarmac has passed its lifespan, showing clear signs of deterioration and needs to be repaved to make sure the airport can remain operational, meeting the international requirements for flight safety.

Currently, I&W and RWS are starting up the tender process for the renovation works. The project is planned to take four weeks and scheduled to take place during the low tourism season, from September 10th until October 9th, 2018. The Public Entity is currently making plans with the relevant stakeholders to ensure accessibility of the island during that period.

On Thursday, January 18th, a town hall meeting is scheduled, where the teams from I&W and RWS will present the project to the public, and all questions will be addressed.

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