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SCID Foundation enables Saba to intensify the use of innovative mosquito traps

The SCID Foundation (Science against Caribbean Insect-borne Diseases) has recently donated 40 In2Care mosquito traps to Saba, plus 80 refills for these traps. A very generous donation! This enables the Vector Control Team to intensify the fight against mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, Zika and Chikungunya.

In2Care mosquito traps

The SCID Foundation  is a charitable foundation which main focus is to stop the spread of insect-borne diseases in the Caribbean. In order to achieve this goal, SCID partners with federal and local governments in the Caribbean, such as Saba.

The Vector Control Team and the Public Health Department of Saba are very grateful towards SCID. These traps can make a real change in the battle against mosquitoes.

We kindly ask you not to temper with these traps and to leave the water inside the trap.

If you want to join us in the fight against mosquitoes, please check regularly if the trap is still intact and filled with water. If you see that water inside the trap is low, you can add some water to the trap to keep it effective, or contact the Vector Control Department. The Vector Control Department will check on these traps regularly as well and refill them if necessary.

The In2care traps attract female mosquitoes with attractive odors to the water. It then infects the mosquito with a fungus that weakens the mosquito, prevents virus development, and kills the mosquito before she can transmit diseases. A second, and even more important, mechanism is that the mosquito’s body gets covered with a larvicide that the mosquito then takes back to other breeding sites. The great benefit is that with these traps we can also treat hard to reach or unknown breeding sites.

For more information about the SCID Foundation, see:
For more information on how the In2Care traps work, see:

If you have any further questions regarding these traps, please contact the Vector Control Department.

Public Health Department

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