Thursday , January 26 2023

Commissioner Wilson visits restoration of historic well

Commissioner of Culture Rolando Wilson, accompanied by Head of Economic Affairs Dave Levenstone, visited the well down at Well’s Bay on Tuesday’s morning.

Commissioner Wilson congratulated and thanked the construction group of Public Works for the great work they have carried out in restoring the well. Wilson reminded them that the well is part of Sa­ba’s history and he was very proud of them for using their own vision in restor­ing this piece from the is­land’s past.

“It shows that we can do much more in restoring many other historical sites on the island,” Wilson said. He reminded the group that although they do not fall directly under his port­folio he makes it a point to visit various projects that are being carried out every Friday.

“Let us continue to work together to beautify and restore our historic sites for all of us that live on this beautiful island,” he said.

Restoration of the historic well in progress.
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