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Commissioner Wilson outlines his plans for Saba for this year

New homes, the opening of phase-one of the solar park and an im­proved standard of living for all in habitants are part of Commissioner Rolando Wilson’s plans for 2018.

In highlighting devel­opments in his portfolio Sabans may expect in 2018, Wilson said the Island Government of Saba is “always striving to do better for all of the island’s inhabitants.”

Commissioner Rolando Wilson

He said efforts are “always being made” to improve the standard of living for everyone. “Issues of poverty have been seen and heard. and we will work with our counterparts to try to alleviate poverty and make life better for those in need.”

Where housing is con­cerned, Commissioner Wilson said that phase-two of the Under the Hill Project will com­mence this year, with new homes being built and infrastructural de­velopments as well.

As we constantly strive for sustainable energy, I am proud to announce that this year we will see the opening of phase-one of the solar park. Phase-two will also com­mence this year,” he said.

As part of the Nature Project, maintenance and repairs will continue of various hiking trails, Crispeen Trail, as well as the upgrading of the yacht moorings.

A.M. Edwards Medi­cal Centre will undergo remodelling and general repairs this year, “stra­tegically based” on the healthcare priorities set for Saba for 2018-2022. In the areas of Sports and Recreation plans have been made to re­activate the Saba Sports Federation, and plan­ning is underway for the development of play­grounds in the different villages. Renovation of Child Focus playground in Windwardside has al­ready started.

“The agriculture proj­ect continues to be a success, and I am excited that both local schools will also be getting in­volved in this endeavour of sustainable agricul­ture,” Wilson said.

“If all goes well,” a Woman’s Desk will be opened on Saba later this year, the Commis­sioner stated.

Last year, a project leader for Cultural Af­fairs was hired, and the focus for 2018 is the drafting of a cultural policy and ensuring an “impulse injection” to already established cul­tural events on the is­land.

“These are just some of the highlights of what is planned for 2018. As the year progresses, I com­mit to keeping residents informed of all develop­ments in these areas. In closing, I wish everyone the very best for 2018, and remember that by standing strong togeth­er we can achieve so much,” Commissioner Wilson concluded.

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