Monday , May 29 2023

Saba Electric Company delays implementation of 2018 tariffs

Saba Electric Com­pany N.V. (SEC) decides to postpone the implementa­tion of the 2018 maximum tariffs as calculated by the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).

This decision comes after ACM’s calculation of the new rates and the subse­quent publication thereof. SEC will maintain the 2017 fixed distribution tariff and the subsidy on the kilo-volt­ampere (kVA) categories 3.2 and the 7.7. This will be reas­sessed when the subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy EZK has been approved for 2018, SEC said in a press re­lease on Wednesday.

The variable distribution tariff will also remain the same as 2017 and will be reassessed when the savings from SEC’s first solar park have been calculated.

The decision to maintain these tariffs comes as a result of the impact the 2018 maxi­mum tariffs would have on Saba’s fragile economy, SEC said.

With the new rates, the fixed distribution tariff would have increased by 5.1 per cent, while the variable distribu­tion tariff would have in­creased by 12.74 per cent.

In the meanwhile, SEC is working together with EZK on the 2018 subsidy, it was stated.

The Daily Herald.

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