Sunday , October 1 2023

Geothermal exploration license granted on Saba to Teranov

Teranov, the French geothermal developer based in Guadeloupe, has been recently granted a geothermal exploratory license by the Executive Council of Saba (Caribbean Netherlands). This exclusive permit authorises its holder to explore geothermal resource over the next three years on the island in order to qualify geothermal resource for further industrial exploitation. It also gives Teranov priority rights to access the resource once it will be qualified.

Jacques CHOURAKI, President of Teranov, has stated “This exploratory license is a major step for the project “Geothermal Energy Interconnexion of the Leeward islands”, led by the Executive Council of Saint-Martin (French Caribbean). Such project is an opportunity for Saba first to cover 100% of its electricity needs using a clean, local and renewable energy, but also to develop economic activity through the exportation of green electricity.”

Preliminary surface investigations have already started with geochemical samplings. MagnetoTelluric (MT) survey (Geophysics) as well as geological field campaign are foreseen to be implemented during the coming months. Objective of those surface G&G studies (Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry) is to confirm the existence of a geothermal reservoir through exploratory drillings and reach a preliminary assessment of its sustainable capacity in terms of electricity production. Based on those conclusions, exploitation of the geothermal resource will be considered by the Executive Council of Saba.

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