Thursday , February 9 2023

Winair announces direct service to Curacao, Santo Domingo and Haiti as of February 26

Winair is pleased to announces direct service to Curacao, Santo Domingo, and Haiti, commencing February 26, 2018. “We will offer daily service to Curacao, five flights per week to Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic, two flights a week to Port au Prince – Haiti,” the airline announced on Wednesday.

“These services will be available to the public using a state of the art ATR 42 with a capacity of 48 passengers. These flights are in partnership with our alliance partner Air Antilles, all flights will originate and terminate in St. Maarten.

“With the current state of regional air travel Winair is proud to assist the traveling public by providing air connectivity to these vital destinations,” the airline press release says.

“In keeping with Winair’s tradition of providing safe, reliable transportation we are very pleased to recommence service to these destinations. Winair looks forward to the continued support of the shareholders, employees and most importantly our customers with these new services.

“This positive development fills a much needed void in air connectivity and will also provide additional employment to St. Maarteners in these trying times,” states Michael Cleaver, Chief Executive Officer and President of Winair.

For flight schedules, reservations and bookings, contact Winair via email, or visit their website, or contact your favorite travel agent.


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