Friday , March 24 2023

National Accounts Survey in Caribbean Netherlands

For the next months, Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) will carry out the National Accounts Survey on production revenues and costs in the Caribbean Netherlands in 2016. The survey aims to show the economic development on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba.

All organisations that are economically active on Saba and Statia will be approached by CBS with a questionnaire. On Bo­naire, a large part of the investigation will be based on available resources to reduce the burden on organisations as much as possible. A small section of organisations in Bonaire will be ad­dressed by letter, since CBS is not able to obtain the information of these organisations through other sources. The results of the survey will be published in the third quarter of 2018.

The 2015 survey revealed that the size of Bonaire’s economy as defined by its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) amounted to US $415 million. The GDP of Statia was $102 million, and Saba’s GDP was $47 million. The per capita GDPs for Bonaire, Statia and Saba were $21,700, $26,600 and $24,900, respectively.

The year-on-year economic growth figure for Bonaire was three per cent, 2.1 per cent for Statia and 1.6 per cent for Saba. CBS, which is required by law to treat all information collected as strictly confidential, would like to thank all selected organisa­tions in advance for their cooperation, and, if necessary, is avail­able to assist in completing the questionnaire.

The Daily Herald.

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