Wednesday , October 4 2023

SEC warns of interruptions during solar park installation

Saba Electric Com­pany (SEC) NV has in­formed its customers that there is a possibility of island-wide interruptions in the supply of electricity during the two-week period between Monday, February 12, and Friday, February 23, as the company is in the process of finalising its first solar park installation.

Saba’s first solar park under construction. (John van Kerkhof photo)

The final phase includes the commissioning and ac­ceptance testing, which may cause interruptions, SEC management stated in a public notice.

The first solar park, locat­ed near Juancho Yrausquin Airport, will reduce Saba’s dependency on fossil fuels, marking a “huge milestone in Saba’s goal to move to­wards renewable energy and energy independence,” according to SEC.

The utility company apolo­gised for any inconvenience caused by the interruptions.

The Daily Herald.

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