Friday , December 1 2023

Information campaign about intelligence referendum starts

On March 21, residents in the Caribbean Netherlands may participate in a consultative referendum on the new Law on the Intelligence and Se­curity Services Wiv 2017.
This week, Government Service Caribbean Netherlands RCN is starting a six-week infor­mation campaign in Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. Various means of communication will be used such as advertisements, radio and TV commercials and Facebook messages to provide persons eligible to vote with informa­tion for them to carry out their voting rights.

The campaign,with the theme “Every Vote Counts,” aims to make every resident aware of the referendum and who can vote where, and at what times. There will also be informa­tion about the ballot paper and about how to vote by proxy.

On the website­wiv2017/en one can find explanation about the voting pro­cess and rules.

More information (in Dutch) about the law on which the referen­dum is held can be found on the website of www.referen­

RCN is carrying out the information campaign in Bo­naire, Statia and Saba on behalf of the Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations. The public entities are responsible for the organisation of the consultative refer­endum.

The Daily Herald.

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