Sunday , February 25 2024

Patient clinic moves temporarily during Medical Center renovation: start Monday, February 26

Saba Health Care Foundation (SHCF) will start the renovation of A.M. Edwards Medical Center in the Bottom in March. To make sure that the patient clinic can remain up and running SHCF has decided to move the clinic to a temporary location.

During the renovation, which is SHCF’s biggest renovation project to date, the patient clinic will be temporarily moved to the Healthcare Administration Building, also known as the former library. The building has been equipped with an indoor and an outdoor waiting room and has been properly modified to function as a doctor’s office, SHCF stated.

Friday February 23: Clinic will be closed due to moving day
Monday February 26: Clinic will reopen in the new location


Saba Health Care Foundation would like to talk to you about the exciting developments that are happening at Saba’s Medical Center this year.

In this video Medical Secretary Rosa will show you some of the changes that already took place AND introduce you to our much anticipated renovation plans of the A.M. Edwards Medical Center starting this March.

We are very excited and we hope you are going to love the new and improved Medical Center.


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