Wednesday , February 8 2023

The Children of Saba Receive Swimming Lessons

From February 16 until February 25, 2018, 30 children between the ages of 4 to 18 years old were offered the opportunity to receive swimming lessons by coach Nelson Manuel from Curaçao.

Mia Johnson, Sabine Odinga and coach Nelson Manuel (Photo Child Focus)

“Swimming is an important skill for children to develop, according to Child Focus Program Manager Caroline Teeuwen.
Swimming has always been my passion. Therefore, I have strived to make swimming lessons available for the children of Saba. My wish for Saba would be to have a public salt water swimming pool on Saba, so that swimming can be offered as a sport on Saba. Child Focus would like to continue offering swimming lessons to the children of Saba. The aim is to have as many children as possible learn how to swim.“

This time six children were able to receive their Swimming Certification A (Kobe Gomes (4), Sabine Odinga (5), E’shandrea Heyliger (8), Noah Zagers (9), Kadianna Baptiste (11), Avant Baker (15) & Jozua Baker (16).

Charlotte Zagers (11) & Zoë Gomes (7) were qualified for their Swimming Certification B.

Child Focus would like to thank the Public Entity Saba for their support in making this program possible and the parents who have shown their support for their children has been wonderful!

Child Focus

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