Friday , March 24 2023

Dutch National Disaster Fund makes available two-thirds of its budget for rebuilding Windwards Islands

The Dutch National Disaster Fund (NRF) announced today that funds are available for the rebuilding of the three Dutch Windward Islands (Sint Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius) due to the damage caused by Hurricane Irma last September.

The funds to be made available will go towards community projects, projects for children, elderly, persons with disability and projects for the youth.

The NRF is closely working with Samenwerkende Fondsen Caribbean section and with the reconstruction program of the Kingdom Government in order to avoid any overlap of efforts during the rebuilding phase.

The NRF has the intention to make two thirds of its budget available to registered organizations in the Dutch Windward Islands.

Organizations that are interested should visit the NRF website: where they will find the application form related to the conditions for funding.

The board of the National Disaster Fund (NRF) of the Netherlands in November 2017 decided to allocate two million Euros for the reconstruction of Sint Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius after the passing of catastrophic Hurricane Irma.

Chairman of the NRF Clemence Ross van Dorp, reportedly stated at that time that the funds from the Dutch disaster fund was to demonstrate solidarity with the three Dutch Windward Islands, and to substantiate this with a monetary donation by giving the funds to social and civic oriented organizations that would contribute to the rebuilding of the islands.

For organizations in the Netherlands who are active with the rebuilding of the three Dutch Windward Islands, an information meeting with respect to the aforementioned has been organized for March 12 in the Dutch Municipality of Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

The Board of the National Diaster Fund has installed a committee to assess and decide about the projectproposals for the reconstruction after Hurricane Irma. The composition of the committee:

René Grotenhuis (chairman): former chairman of the Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties (SHO – Giro555), a coalition of Dutch NGO’s to provide relief and reconstruction-support for developing countries, experienced in relief and reconstruction after disasters.

Gilbert Wawoe, former member of the Raad van State, originally from the Caribean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Arthur Wiggers, member of the Board of Directors of VNG-International, experienced in public administration and international support for municipalities.

Amma Asante, consultant, experiences in the role of diaspora and development cooperation in countries of origin; consultant for social development projects.

Fred Claasen, former director of operational support for the municipality of Amsterdam, experienced in the analysis and assessment of project proposals and budget-proposals. His family is originally from the Caribean part of the Kingdom.

The assessment committee will be administratively supported by the Orange Cross.

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