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And the winners are… “The Terrible Two Sort It Out”

On Sunday March 18, 2018 the Child Rights Film Premiere Gala was held at Queens Gardens Resort on Saba. This event was made possible by UNICEF Netherlands, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Child Focus Foundation.

In total 9 children participated in the Film Project. The children had the opportunity to create two short films about a Child Right. The theme of the film was selected by a drawing competition. The jury mentioned that it was very difficult to choose a winner. After long deliberation the jury came to an unanimous decision. Commissioner of Education, Mr. Bruce Zagers, made the announcement that the Film “The Terrible Two Sort It Out” won, by one point.


Tobias Hermans, Benjamin Hermans, Agnes Hassell and Trevon Johnson are the proud winners of the Child Rights Film Festival Saba, Caribbean Edition.


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The event was a great success. Many parents, friends and relatives attended the event.

The Child Rights Film Festival Caribbean Edition is a pilot project in which all children of the Dutch Kingdom had the opportunity to participate. Based on the results of the evaluation, a decision will be
made if this project will return on an annual bases. Child Focus Foundation is hoping that this opportunity will remain available for the Children of Saba.

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