Wednesday , March 22 2023

SCS starts building a sail boat

On February 23, 2014 the Saba Islander wrote an article about boat building on Saba. In that article Mr. Will Johnson quotes Willem Agnew Paton, who wrote that the people of Saba are celebrated throughout the Caribbean Islands for the fishing boats they built in the oddest places.

Photo: Saba Islander – Will Johnson

The Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) would like to revive the tradition of boat building on Saba by starting to build a 12ft dinghy with students from the Lower Forms as part of their extra-curricular activities. It might not be a fishing boat and it might not be built in the oddest place (The Godfriend Bontenbal Technical Center), but by offering this activity, the SCS would like to expose students to the world of boat building, sailing, and of course Saba’s heritage.

The SCS is of the opinion these activities support the academic mission of the school as they are not a diversion but rather an extension of good educational programming. Students who participate in extra-curricular programs tend have higher grade-point averages, have better attendance records, have lower dropout rates and fewer discipline problems. These activities are inherently educational as they provide valuable lessons for practical situations – teamwork, time management, sportsmanship, winning, losing, and hard work. Students also learn self-discipline, build self-confidence and develop skills to handle competitive situations.

Apart from the boat building project, the SCS also offers other activities like hiking, archeology, snorkeling, IT/programming, music, swimming lessons, and the Carnival and Leo Club in collaboration with our stakeholders. For the upcoming Academic Year 2018-2019, the SCS is planning to offer activities to all SCS students and we plan to start with Clubs that will be offered after school which are related to Saba’s land, water, and nature (hiking, snorkeling, agriculture), Saba’s history (sail boat building, sailing, archeology, cooking, arts), giving back to the community (debate club, Leos, social club, Change Maker’s club), language clubs (Chinese, Spanish, and Dutch), and 21st century clubs (Robotics, Tech/IT).


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