Tuesday , May 30 2023

Dutch Government lifts ban on Insel Air

Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management has lifted the flight ban imposed on civil servants in February 2017. The minister follows the advice of the Dutch Inspectorate of Environment and Transportation (ILT).

At the request of Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA), the ILT has provided support during the audit for the re-certification of InselAir. The audit by the CCAA showed that the flight safety is now in order.

“In view of the fact that the ILT’s confidence in the expertise and independence of the CCAA has been restored, the main reason for the flight ban that was imposed at the time is no longer valid and there is no reason for the ILT to advise on this. Based on the conclusions of the ILT, I have decided to lift the flight ban for Dutch civil servants to travel with InselAir” writes minister Van Nieuwenuizen to the Second Chamber.

After receiving a new loan of 1.5 million dollars, Insel Air is trying to further stabilize their operations by re-integrating a third Fokker-50 into their fleet. The Fokker in question should however undergo a C-check, before it can be put back into service. Information obtained by the BES-Reporter indicates that the C-check will be executed at a maintenance facility in Panama. Sources also inform the BES-Reporter that Insel Air is looking to acquire a Fokker-100 airplane to expand their flight schedule and move back into jet-service. Possibly the Fokker in question may be obtained from Air Panama, which also flies with Fokker-50 and Fokker-100 aircraft.

After the use of Insel’s only MD83 aircraft was discontinued earlier this year, the airline has been depending on other airline to executed their flights to Paramaribo and back, which is a relatively expensive option for the carrier.

BES reporter

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