Friday , December 1 2023

Contract signed for Saba airport runway


The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Wa­ter Management and Rijk­swaterstaat have signed a contract with the combina­tion Saba Roads and Con­struction and Den Ouden Aannemingsbedrijf for the renovation of the runway of Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport on Saba. The con­tractor was selected after a bidding process executed by Rijkswaterstaat.

The project includes the realisation of a helicop­ter platform at the end of the apron, resurfacing the runway with concrete, ad­justing the airfield ground lighting and renewing sev­eral pavement markings. The execution of the project is scheduled in the lowest travel season, from September 10 until Octo­ber 9.

During that time the air­port will be closed for com­mercial traffic. Medical helicopters will still have access to the airport for emergency flights.

The Public Entity has been in close contact with the Saba Health Care Foundation and Health Insurance Office ZVK to make sure medical transport is not hampered by the closing of the airport. Also, additional and alterna­tive ferry services are being discussed to ensure accessi­bility of the island while the airport is closed.

“The period of September 10 to October 9 was chosen as this is the lowest travel season of the year,” said Commissioner Bruce Zagers. “‘This runway renova­tion is badly needed and closing the airport cannot be prevented. However, by choosing this period, we make sure that the impact on our economy, which is for a significant part depen­dant on tourism, is kept to a minimum.”

As this period coincides with the peak of the hur­ricane season, precautions will be made to minimise the risk of hurricane dam­age and to ensure accessi­bility for helicopters at all times. Strict requirements in the contract for this proj­ect should limit the risk of a delay.

On October 9 at 6:00am, the airport is scheduled to re-open in time for the first flight of that day.

The Daily Herald.

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