Friday , December 2 2022

COSME SPONSORS HOTEL TRENDS Webinar, providing Hoteliers and Government Policy members with future vision.   

COSME, a European Union funded programme, is sponsoring a webinar targeted to the hospitality industry in Saba and St.Eustatius. Tourism accounts for the largest part of economic development in many of the Caribbean countries and is especially true for the Caribbean OCTs. Staying current with trends is imperative to a local hoteliers’ success and to the greater success of the economy.

Hospitality management, staff, bed and breakfast owners as well as government policy members are invited to register for this free webinar on Hotel Trends. This hotel trends webinar is organized for lodging operators and government officials. It will be dealing with topics such as hotel concepts, technology, staffing, food & beverage, welcoming guests. It will give those involved views and ideas that they can adapt in their businesses or policies.

This webinar will be presented for the Saba and St.Eustatius hospitality industry by Mr. Rene van Schie, at 11:00am EST on 9, May.

Rene van Schie


Mr. van Schie has many years of experience in a number of positions and organizations in the hospitality industry around the world. This experience built his large international network in hotel operations and hotel real estate.  Mr. van Schie is currently a Real Estate and Hotel Development Specialist in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the breeding ground for early trending hotel concepts, hotel technology and websites such as

Hospitality began its digital disruption early. Technology changes have continued to evolve the industry moving from call centres to online booking, which now accounts for 90% of bookings. As a long-time hotelier, it would have been difficult to predict quality room Wi-Fi to be as important as a bed in a room. Advanced knowledge of this trend would have prepared you to budget new cables in room renovations to offer the best and fastest Wi-Fi.

“With over 30 million tourists visiting the Caribbean in 2017, it is vital hoteliers and government policy makers are aware of rising Hotel trends enabling them to plan and strategize timely implementation,” said Diana Hendrickson-Fleming, COSME Team Leader, Key Expert

Mr. van Schie will walk participants through trends in; technology, guests welcomes and satisfaction, food and beverage programming. OCTs are able to acquire this knowledge from the comfort of their own property by registering on the COSME Facebook Page.

COSME is a 54-month programme with the responsibility to allocate 15M Euros to projects benefitting participating Caribbean Territories. The funds were made available by the European Union (EU). The programme’s overall objective is to contribute to the sustainable and climate-resilient economic diversification and prosperity of Caribbean OCTs by improving the competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the participating territories.




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