Sunday , October 1 2023

Two month suspended prison sentence and 2 years’ probation for mistreatment

The court on Saba sentenced suspect S.S.J.G. on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018, to a two month suspended prison sentence and 2 years’ probation for the mistreatment of B.S.J. during an altercation in St. Johns on March 9th, 2018.

S.S.J.G. had hit the victim multiple times in the face as a result of an disagreement about babysitting the child of B.S.J. As a result of the incident B.S.J. had suffered injury to her teeth.

In addition to a suspended prison sentence of two months, the Public Prosecutor’s Office had demanded 100 hours community service, however this was disregarded by the court. The court took into account the fact that the aggressive actions of the victim had prompted the situation, resulting in the reaction from the suspect.

The victim was awarded a US$500.00 compensation. The victim had claimed a total of US$6,640.00 in damages, but the court considered this higher claim to be insufficiently substantiated. The Public Prosecutor’s Office and the accused did not file an appeal against the verdict.

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