Saturday , March 2 2024

Positive result employment examination new fireworkers

Recently 11 cadets of the Caribbean Netherlands Fire Department (BKCN) have successfully passed the appointment verification. The trainees, 7 from Bonaire, 3 from Saba and 1 from St. Eustatius, are busy with the training for Manschap-A since January 28th .They learn all about fire control, technical aid and accidents involving dangerous substances. Additionally they follow a training airplane airport firefighting. Besides these skills, it is also a requirement that the trainees are approved for the employment examination.

Fit is safe

Working in the fire department can be tough, physically and mentally. As a fire worker, in order for you to carry out your work good and safe, it is a requirement that you are fit and healthy. Therefore, the employment examination comprises a physical (sport) test, a medical examination and a test for the fear of heights.

Test for current employees

Also, for the current employees of BKCN, good health and fitness are important in order to be able to work safely. Therefore, from the end of 2018 for all employees, who have physically and mentally demanding operational functions, a similar examination will be required. BKCN facilitates the employees in the preparation for this including the provision of sports opportunities and guidance, a practice court for the physical test, lifestyle coaching and advice in the area of eating healthy.


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