Tuesday , January 31 2023

Training project for Saba, Statia school management

School principals, vice-principals and management team members in Saba and St. Eustatius have com­pleted a training project for school management and were awarded certifications in management, leadership and coaching for high perfor­mance.

The course was facilitated by Natasha Gittens of Training Professionals International (TPI).

The Primary Education Council PO-Raad initiated the project “Coaches in the Caribbean Netherlands” at the request of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sci­ence in The Hague.

The PO-Raad, who repre­sents the joint interests of school boards in both the Eu­ropean and Caribbean parts of The Netherlands, has partnered with TPI for this project. The aim of this part­nership is to provide coach­ing for school principals and vice-principals and potential management team members in Statia and Saba.

“This course will significant­ly change and improve the dynamics of how our schools in the Caribbean Nether­lands are operated and man­aged,” states Gittens.

The Daily Herald.

Course participants showing their certificates with, in back row from left, Brian Carty, Jarmilia Berkel, Deborah Norville-Hinckson, !rene Ortega, Vanessa Bennett, Rhea Courtar and Evert Meijer. in front row, from left, Diane Wilson, facilitator Natasha Gittens, Choy Seaton, Ja­cinta Lopes, Laverne David-Duggins, Rosalie Edelstein and Angel Tromp.
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