Thursday , December 7 2023

Realtor Saba Island Properties opens shop in Windwardside

It is four years ago now that realtor Saba Island Properties installed their first display case at ‘Swinging Doors’ in Windwardside. The company is growing and expanding with Rentals and Sales of Land and Homes.   This required  renovation and they expanded their space with a new boutique. They have installed new, bigger, state-of-the-art real estate signs marketing the variety of properties they handle and show up new products and ideas because clients are asking for it.

Saba Island Properties’ new shop at “Swinging Doors”, Windwardside

Eddie and Pat Hassell – owners of ‘Swinging Doors’ – have been good friends. From the time Albert and Michael, owners of Saba Island Properties, first arrived on Saba (7 years ago) they helped them learn about Saba from residency and health benefits to introducing them to other people and… kept them well fed with their, “chicken and ribs, ribs and chicken, and steak dinners!”

Eddie is a fantastic carpenter! A true artist. He renovated the entire new space quickly with love and exacting details; framing out windows and a door, new shingles, moldings, paint and electric with Mr. Hodge. Going far beyond what we ever imagined. Professional… kind… generous… innovative… tireless in his desire to help and create something practical and beautiful. You couldn’t ask for better people and purpose in life.

Saba Island Properties is very successful in showing land, cottages and villas for sale all over the island. Plus management and bookings for rental properties. They are spreading the word about Saba and what’s available in Saba real estate:

  • Land from $70,000 to nearly $1 million dollars
  • Businesses & Homes from $175,000 to $2 million dollars
  • Vacation and long term rentals

Albert & Michael – Saba Island Properties

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