Wednesday , February 28 2024

The Public Entity Saba trained enforcers

The Public Entity Saba had some of the employees trained to become enforcers. These employees took the so-called “Buitengewoon Ambtenaar van Politie” (special agent of the police) course. In the upcoming weeks, they are expected to be appointed as a special agents of the police.

The Public Entity now has its own enforcers for enforcing the local ordinance and hygiene regulations. The enforcers will have the ability to take administrative measures and give out fines based on criminal law. The KPCN is also still tasked with ensuring that the local ordinance is upheld.

These enforcers will grow slowly into their role. For example, we started one of the enforcers off on car wreck removal and on the parking regulations in Windwardside, in the parking lot in front of the tourist office. The other enforcers will strengthen the hygiene department ensuring that businesses are following the applicable hygiene codes. These checks were already in progress, but now the Public Entity will have more instruments to ensure compliance.

We will inform the public every time enforcement by the enforcers of the Public Entity will start on another topic of the local ordinance or hygiene control. In time, they will be responsible to enforce various aspects of the local ordinance, traffic regulations, and hygiene codes.

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