Friday , March 24 2023


One of the major highlights of this year’s 2nd Annual Saba Hospitality and Tourism conference slated for June 25 – 27, was an “Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism and How To Be the Best“ presentation specifically adapted for the high school students of the Saba Comprehensive school, that was held on Wednesday, June 27 at 9 a.m. The session addressed students from 3rd to 5th form.

“Our tourism product can only be truly successful if we all play our part,” stressed Dr. Natasha Gittens, who was the lead presenter.  “We need to plant the seeds, encourage and nurture our future human resource leaders (i.e. students) so that we can achieve sustainability and upward progression in this industry.

The presentation was designed to enlighten, foster and promote ways to entice high school students to pursue studies or careers in the Hospitality & Tourism sector.  Part two of this equation is that students from Saba will return home after completing Hospitality & Tourism degrees and play pivotal roles in managing and seeking leadership employment in the ever-advancing Saba Hospitality industry.

Saba Comprehensive School 3rd, 4th & 5th Form Students.
Top Left to Right : Avant Baker, Jamal Roberts, Jalen Robinson, Michael
Angelo Hassell , Alexia Hannberg, Kamal Daniel, Isenio Levenstone, Dareno
Gomez, Jabinge Zaegers, Zyonn Suares, Christain Nicholson , Shanika Biggs,
Stefanie Hassell
Bottom Left to Right: Andrea Aguire, Terell Thode, Shemar Marten, Shaliq
Woods, Olivia Johnson, Micaiah Liburd, Tanisha Matthew, Noah Matthew,
Zachary Johnson, Ashanti Hodge, Valeria Cordero, Irma, Morales, Shanetsa
Levenstone, Skyler Hassell
Photo TPI

The students in attendance had much to say about the event: Valeria Perez Cordero, 18-year old 4th form student, shares,” I learned that opportunities will not always come knocking on your door. You have to go out and grab it.” Olivia Johnson, another 4th form student, states, “ to be the best you can and set your bars as high as possible.” Finally, Christian Nicholso relays, “ it showed me how to be more positive about myself and not to give up.”


For more information on the Saba Hospitality and Tourism Conference please contact the TPI Firm at (721) 526-2052 or via email .


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