Thursday , December 7 2023

Saba Executive Council meets with health office

Acting Island Gov­ernor of Saba Franklin Wilson, Commissioners Rolando Wilson and Bruce Zagers, Acting Island Sec­retary Raquel Granger, and Policy Advisor Piet Gerritsen met with repre­sentatives of Health Insur­ance Office ZVK to discuss several complaints recently made by patients who have travelled abroad for medi­cal treatment.

These complaints ranged from the payment of the daily allowance to the cum­bersome logistics patients are faced with when trav­eling to and from Saba for medical treatment.

Commissioner Wilson said he was “pleased” that ZVK felt such complaints warranted travelling to Saba for a meeting, and said he is looking forward to being kept abreast as to how ZVK plans to improve the treatment patients re­ceive from the insurance office.

The Commissioner said he is looking forward to seeing the suggestions and input from the Executive Council considered when changes and improvements go into effect.

“Times of illness could be some of the most difficult for people and their fami­lies, and these times should be used to only focus on getting better and not on worrying about the bureau­cratic red tape,” Commis­sioner Wilson stated.

The Daily Herald.

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