Wednesday , February 8 2023

Year report 2017 in Central Committee

The Central Committee of the Island Council of the Public Entity Saba will be gathering for a meeting at the Government Administration Building in The Bottom on Thursday, July 12, starting at 10:00am.

On the agenda for this meeting is the year report for 2017. Besides, the Executive Council will have the oppor­tunity to verbally update the Central Committee.

The general public is allowed to examine the documents on the agenda for the Central Committee meeting at the office of the Island Registrar in the Government Admin­istration building.

Those who want to make use of the opportunity to speak to members of the Central Committee at this meeting may contact Island Registrar Akilah M. Levenstone be­fore July 10, in order for the Registrar to explain the rules of the meeting and process the request. The Registrar may be contacted at, or, or tel. 416-331 extension 202.

Any member of the general public is welcome to attend the Central Committee meeting as an observer.

The Daily Herald.

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