Monday , May 29 2023

Public Entity Saba thankful for ‘safe and enjoyable’ Carnival

The Public En­tity Saba thanked the community for contrib­uting “to an overall safe and enjoyable” Carnival 2018. During Carnival, which ended Sunday, a zero-tolerance policy was in place.

On June 11, it was communicated that persons causing public disturbances before or during Carnival would be banned from attend­ing any of the Carnival events.

Before Carnival even started, two individuals were banned after they caused a fight in the streets. During Carnival, Acting Island Governor Franklin Wilson handed out three additional bans for disorderly con­duct.

During the Carnival cel­ebrations, there were no significant fights in the Carnival Village at Juli­ana Sports Field in The Bottom, or during the parades, J’ouvert Morn­ing or opening jump-up, the Public Entity stated.

After the burning of King Momo and while closing the Village, an altercation occurred Sunday night, which was handled by the Police. “We will continue with the zero-tolerance policy for major events such as Saba Day and the days surrounding Saba Day,” the Public Entity stated.

The Daily Herald.

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