Friday , March 1 2024

Alcohol checks on BES islands

During this month the Caribbean Neth­erlands Police Force in col­laboration with the BES (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba) Prosecutor’s Office is starting alcohol controls for motorists.

This will first be done on Bonaire, with the intention to make citizens aware of their responsibility in traffic. The police regularly stop motor vehicle operators who are driving under influence. There have also been indi­cations that in various acci­dents drinking played a role.

The corps has purchased a breath-testing device that can show whether any alco­hol has been consumed. De­pending on the result further examination will follow with a breathalyser that measures the alcohol percentage in the exhaled air.

Representatives of the pros­ecution will be present dur­ing the inspections. In case of exceeding the maximum limit, motorists will be fined and, if applicable, arrested for reckless behaviour en­dangering the lives of others. Driving bans can also be im­posed.

When stopped for a traffic control and breath test coop­eration is mandatory. People who don’t will automatically receive a fine.

This policy is being intro­duced to reduce driving un­der the influence and pre­vent unnecessary, possibly fatal road accidents.

The Daily Herald.

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