Thursday , December 7 2023

Work started to prevent seaweed at Cove Bay

The Planning Bu­reau, contractor Saba Roads and Commissioner Bruce Zagers met Thursday at Cove Bay to discuss a so­lution for the pond and the incoming seaweed.
The sargassum seaweed continues to plague not only Saba but the entire region and the problem seems to be getting increas­ingly worse.
Completely preventing seaweed from coming in­side the Cove Bay area is deemed almost impossible. An effort will be made to reduce the amount of sea­weed coming into the pond by rebuilding the breakwa­ter to a higher level.
The size of the pond will also be slightly reduced as the area where the majority of the seaweed now enters will be closed. This will not have much of an impact on the swimming area as this part of the pond is seldomly used.
In addition, the side known as Aisle Rock will be opened significantly to allow for a continuous cir­culation of water within the pond. Lastly, the pond will be dredged and the rubble on the shoreline removed. The works started Wednes­day, August 15.

The Daily Herald.

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